Chemical Technologies International Inc., has been bringing the best products and services to the service industry for decades.
Hard surface cleaning excellence.  With products like Bruce’s GSR, the best hard water spot remover in existence, and Wipedown, a waterless cleaner and protector all in one.
Stone and tile cleaning is an expanding business.  With CTI’s Stone Care line you can clean and restore virtually any stone or tile floor or countertop.

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The Carpet Cleaning information site.  Here you will find information on Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal, and Odor Control.
Stop losing business.  If you are answering your own phones and running

No Pro’s Choice Distributor in your area?   No problem.  At our online store you can purchase any CTI product and your nearest Pro’s Choice Distributor will receive credit for the sale.

Cleaning “green” doesn’t mean losing cleaning power.  With the Envirex line you can clean with some of the dirtiest carpets with ease and still use environmentally preferable products.

your business at the same time the Full Circle Group can help you to build your business and book more jobs.



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